Harrah’s Philadelphia Online Sportsbook Review

We know Harrah’s Philadelphia will have an online sports betting app. Even though it will not launch until June or July, we do have some sense of what Harrahs’ PA online sportsbook will look and feel like.

Speculating on what promos will be available when the Harrah’s Sportsbook goes live in Pennsylvania, we look across the river to Harrah’s in New Jersey.

Sports selection at Harrah’s Philadelphia

It wouldn’t be a sportsbook powered by Caesars if it didn’t come with a full slate of sports betting options.

Baseball (MLB)

Hopes are high for the Phillies this season, and all baseball bets should be available. Bryce Harper mania has taken the Philadelphia sports betting scene by storm.

Basketball (NBA)

The longest season in American professional sports is NBA basketball, stretching from October to June. Bets should be on offer for both the NBA and NCAA as well.

Football (NFL)

For both the novice and the old vet, no sport is as fun to bet on as football. Be it the NFL or college football, Harrah’s PA will surely take the wagers.

Hockey (NHL)

With the Stanley Cup playoffs just around the corner, hockey fans will be prepping for the best season in sports wagering. That is, if Harrah’s launches an online sports betting app in time.


Boxing is the only combat sport for which Caesars online currently takes bets. There is no MMA or UFC wagering, but it’s possible that the sportsbook will add it when the site goes live.

Golf (PGA)

Tournament results should be available to wager upon, and golf betting will likely also offer many excellent prop bet possibilities.

Other sports/leagues

Customers can expect to bet on soccer in South America, the MLS, the English Premier League, and all of the other major European leagues. Harrah’s PA should also take bets on motor racing and tennis, with prop bets allowed on all three.

Bet selection at Harrah’s PA Sportsbook

Complimenting the complete calendar of available sports should be a full menu of sports wagering options. Caesars Sportsbook app in New Jersey currently offers these kinds of wagers, so unlesss there are regulatory reasons, expect basically the same slate in Pennsylvania.


One of the most popular types of wagers due to the potential for big payouts, a parlay takes multiple events and combines them into a single bet. If even one event is a miss, the entire bet is a loser.


A moneyline bet is a simple win/loss wager that pays out winnings based on posted odds as opposed to using a point spread.

Point spread

A point spread is the most common and well-known bet, where one team is the favorite, the other is the underdog and the wager is based on the predicted point spread.

Prop bets

Prop bets are made on individual outcomes within an event. For example, the number of strikeouts for a starting pitcher or the final score of an event that typically has no bearing.


Over/under bets, also known as totals bets, are bets placed on the total points scored in a game when both teams’ scores are combined. As the name suggests, the wager is either over or under the posted total.

Other bet types

Another popular bet is the futures bet, such as betting on the winner of next February’s Super Bowl.

One more favorite type of wager, although much newer to the world of sports gambling, is in-play wagering. In-play involves bets on games already in progress that feature automatic adjustments to the point spread as the game goes on.

If in-play wagering is too fast-paced for you, the Harrah’s betting app should also offer mid-game wagering like halftime or quarter bets.

Harrah’s PA Sportsbook app

One of the most exciting means of engaging with in-play wagering is through a mobile device.

It’s fast-paced betting at its finest, and it needs a high-powered mobile app. A mobile version of the Caesars online sportsbook is coming to iOS or Android users in Pennsylvania.

There will likely be a homepage with shortcuts to sports, bets and the player’s account. Bettors should also be able to completely manage their account, from registration through deposits and withdrawals to keeping tabs on all outstanding wagers.

The app is set to be fully integrated with the PA online casino site, so players will likely be able to switch from one to the other seamlessly.

Caesars Rewards loyalty program

Caesars Rewards connects customers to perks at all 40 of its properties worldwide.

Players earn points when they play, and those points result in the player climbing up the level of tiers: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars, with the possibility of earning free cruises and resort stays.

Caesars has now combined all online play and brick-and-mortar play into one big rewards program that leaves none of their customers out.

Banking at Harrah’s Philadelphia

How do players put money in their account, and how do they get it out?


For the safest and most secure way to deposit money into an account, Caesars and Harrah’s recommend online bill pay.

Not only is it instant, but it doesn’t require sharing a bank account number. At Harrah’s PA, patrons should also be able to use credit and debit cards, PayPal, e-check, or any of the many PayNearMe locations that are available throughout Pennsylvania.

Patrons will likely also be able to mail in a personal check, although this method results in delays.


Another advantage of using online bill pay for deposits at Harrah’s Sportsbook is that withdrawals are also instant. This is also true for PayPal, and most credit and debit card options.

If players opt for a different deposit method, then they likely need to give Harrah’s a mailing address for a check for the withdrawal amount to mailed. This process can take awhile.

Customer support for Harrah’s Sportsbook

If patrons experience a problem or have a question about their account, Caesars and Harrah’s offer customer service 24/7 via a toll-free number or online chat.

Regardless of the nature of the issue, Caesars promises to walk players through possible solutions and do everything they can to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Harrah’s PA should also provide an email address where customers can write out complaints, and another email address for making suggestions.

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