What is an Electronic Table Game (ETG)?

August 21, 2018
electronic Roulette table

Just as the name implies, electronic table games (ETGs) are basically electronic versions of traditional table games. If you’re thinking slot machines or video poker machines where you can play games like Blackjack or Roulette, you’re right. This is exactly what most ETGs are.

Instead of using traditional casino equipment to determine the outcome of each game, ETGs are computers that use random number generators. The outcome is always random and players can trust the ETGs as much as they can traditional table games. After all, both are subject to the same regulatory testing and local government oversight.

If you’re thinking this makes ETGs a lot more like online casino games than traditional live casino table games, you’re also correct. Online casinos offer table games that are essentially electronic versions of traditional table games. They also employ random number generators to determine the outcome. That basically makes them ETGs.

Gambling facilities in jurisdictions that only allow slots can use ETGs to effectively offer patrons traditional table games.

Stadium-style gaming

The EGT category also includes Stadium Gaming setups, like the ones installed in Pennsylvania at Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, SugarHouse Casino, and BetRivers Online Casino.

These are hybrid games that combine the speed and ease of use of slot machines with live table games.

Stadium terminals look like slots, but instead, they are machines players can use to interact with live dealer table games. The games are run the middle of a stadium setup filled with terminals and can be viewed either on large screens above or at each terminal.

Most terminals are programmable and allow players to choose different views and languages. The terminals are used to place bets on the games the dealers are dealing in the center of the arena area.

Good for casino players

Benefits for the players include the fact stadium games run faster, particularly when it comes to payouts. Computers are handling all the wagers, ensuring higher accuracy as well. The cashout process works like a slot machine, offering players a redeemable voucher when they hit a button, rather than chips.

Stadium Gaming setups also allow many more patrons to bet on the outcome of a single game than traditional table games.

Although they can’t be found in PA, there are also fully electronic versions of Stadium Gaming setups that essentially offer stadium wagering on ETGs or automated table game apparatus.

Several EGT manufacturers also build multiplayer ETGs that, while smaller than stadium gaming setups, can accommodate a higher number of patrons than traditional live dealer table games. Many of these games employ video dealers to guide gamblers through the games.

Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat

Stadium Gaming at PA casinos includes Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat games. These are the typical ETG offerings. However, players can also find ETGs around the globe offering dice games like crapsSic Bo, and automated gambling wheels.

Limits are lower for many of the games, making them more accessible.

That accessibility and convenience is the true allure of ETGs from a gambler’s perspective.

Other benefits for players include the fact that ETGs can be less intimidating than live dealer games, making them much easier to learn games on. The interface is user-friendly, easy to use, and allows players to go at their own pace.

Dealing and payouts are both faster while errors are reduced. Plus, ETGs offer an enhanced feeling of privacy and security over traditional games.

Cutting down on labor costs

Casinos like them because they cut down on the labor cost of employing dealers and can increase per game revenue. ETGs provide instant efficiency, allowing casinos to generate revenue at a fraction of the operating cost. ETGs allow more tables per dealer and more player participation per deal.

Many casinos also believe the high-tech nature of the games appeal to a younger generation, thereby helping them introduce traditional casino games to a younger audience.

Overall, ETGs create a win-win scenario for players and casinos. ETGs combine the gameplay of traditional table games with the latest technology. All signs seem to indicate ETGs are the future of casino gambling.

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