The Big Differences Between Playing Casino Games Online Vs. The Actual Casino

February 5, 2018
Overhead of hand playing online casino surrounded by casino props

Take a good look at the games available at any PA online casino, and you’re likely to see something rather familiar. That’s because online casino games are just electronic versions of casino games. The same ones you find at brick and mortar casino properties in Pennsylvania and all over the world.

Online or off, you’ll see playing cards dealt, roulette wheels spinning, and dice rolling. However, if you look a little closer, you’ll see there are some big differences between playing casino games online versus at the actual casino, and it all starts right there.

Traditional casino equipment vs. random number generators

The same playing cards, roulette wheels, dice and other traditional casino equipment used to determine the outcome of the different casino games in person at brick and mortar casino properties aren’t really there online. What you’re seeing online is simply computer graphics. Computers are generating images of the cards, chips and everything else.

But if you know the traditional casino equipment used to determine the outcome of casino games in person isn’t there, you must be wondering what’s determining the outcome of the games online. Once again, computers are the culprit.

Online casino games use computerized random number generators (RNG) to essentially shuffle and deal cards, spin roulette wheels, and roll dice. The outcome of each deal, spin, or roll is completely random thanks to these RNG programs. In fact, the outcomes are even more random online than with traditional casino game equipment because computerized RNGs will never develop tendencies or physical flaws that create those tendencies

Of course, the governing bodies that provide oversight for local online gambling operators, like the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, are in place to make sure of that. They ensure the integrity and fairness of all online casino games by rigorously testing the different random number generator programs employed.

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Dealers and casino staff vs. computers

Most of the time, there’s another big difference between playing casinos games online versus at the actual casino that you’ll quickly notice.

Almost every game you’ll play inside a brick and mortar casino is run by a dealer. Those dealers are managed by floor people and pit bosses. Online, none of those people are there.

With the exception of live dealer games offered by some online casinos, where the games are played in a casino and streamed online so players can make bets from the privacy of their own homes, computers run the online casino games.

Sure, it’s a little impersonal. You don’t have a human being to talk you through things or interact with. However, no human beings mean no human error. That means when you play online casino games the payouts are accurate 100 percent of the time.

Plus, the games run a heck of a lot faster. Random number generators don’t take time to shuffle and deal the cards. Plus, computer-run games pay out instantly because they don’t have to manually count everything.

Crowds vs. privacy and comfort

Finally, you’ll notice one other big difference between playing casinos games online versus at the actual casino. It’s that you’re doing it alone. Most online casino games aren’t set up as multi-player games. It may sound lonely, but there are some major advantages to playing alone. You certainly won’t have to wait around for other players to act. Plus, no one can heckle you for employing whatever strategy you decide is best.

You might have some trouble getting great cocktail service to your barcalounger, but you won’t have to tip the waitress or deal with all the second-hand smoke emanating from the player next to you either.

There’s simply greater promise of privacy and comfort provided online that most gamblers will surely enjoy.

Plus, when you’re on your own, you do things at your own pace. Get up and take a break whenever you want to online, your seat will be waiting for you when you come back.

Yes, there are some major difference between playing casinos games online versus at the actual casino. But most of the time those differences can really work to your advantage online.

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